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Can you help Honey Bee, a four year old female dilute tortie, find a home to call her own? Honey Bee is a sweet loveable cat who tested positive for Feline Leukemia but shows no signs of being ill. 


Honey Bee was found outside a local automobile dealership during the coldest part of last winter huddled against an apartment building trying to take refuge from the very cold and snowy weather.  Her plight was told to an Independent Cat Society volunteer who thought Honey Bee was a feral cat and suggested that a cardboard box and some straw to make a makeshift shelter for the kitty be set up.  Truly feral cats are survivors and with shelter can do quite well in bad weather. In fact, shelter is more important to them than food is. It was later determined that Honey Bee was not feral and therefore she might not know how to fend for herself in this terrible weather. A non-feral cat does not have the survivor instinct and therefore does not know how to protect itself from the cold weather and could very easily freeze or starve to death.


The thought was that Honey Bee may have been displaced from a home somewhere, but no one claimed this sweet kitty. Because it was determined that Honey Bee was not feral it became urgent that they get her off the streets and to someplace warm and safe.


The Independent Cat Society’s TNR squad was called in to try and catch Honey Bee and get her to someplace warm and safe. But because she was spooked due to the wind and cold and she did not recognize the person trying to catch her, she ran away. The TNR volunteer told the woman, who had been feeding Honey Bee, to try to get her into her house and into a carrier because Honey Bee had begun to trust her and they would come back and get her.


The very next day the woman called the ICS TNR Squad and advised that she had been able to lure Honey Bee into her house and had her in a carrier, but she could not keep her there long because she had a young puppy they had just recently gotten and it was very playful and rambunctious and would frighten the already terrified kitty.


So the ICS TNR volunteer returned to get Honey Bee and took her to another ICS volunteer’s heated pole barn. Once inside this warm building Honey Bee began almost immediately to make kitty biscuits for over an hour. You could tell Honey Bee knew she was safe and was happy to be in a warm place because she kept rolling around on a blanket and rubbing on it and purring up a storm. She truly must have thought she was in heaven.


Just why someone dumped Honey Bee was never determined but it was felt that it was not because she was Felv because no one would have her tested only to take her back home and throw her outside in the cold. But it does seem likely that she was someone’s pet because she is just so affectionate, friendly and plays like a kitten.


Honey Bee would make someone a wonderful pet. She loves to be held in your arms and cuddled like a baby. She would do best as the only cat in your home but could also be in a home with other Feline Leukemia cats. Won’t you please consider opening your heart and home to this wonderful kitty. Don’t want to make the commitment to adopt her, would you consider being her permanent foster home? If you can help this wonderful girl or want more information about Honey Bee and/or Feline Leukemia, please contact the Independent Cat Society TNR Squad at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the Independent Cat Society, at 219-785-4936 and leave a message with your contact information. Won’t you rescue this sweetie from a life of living in a pet run and give her the home and love she truly deserves?




Finding the Power of Joy in Working with Animals

Harper Workshop graphic

Is your heart larger than your hands? 

Do you feel compassion burnout and fatigue?

Whether you work with animals or even people in need, this workshop with reknowned speaker Dr. Linda Harper will help give you the tools you need to work through the roller-coaster ride of emotions that we go through each day. Learn strategies that will help you through the heartbreak and frustration that can often come with helping those who need us most. 

Your registration fee will include a copy of Dr. Harper's book, The Power of Joy in Giving to Animals, a worthwhile read for anyone who works with animals, children, the elderly, or any other group that often requires special care, attention, and advocacy.

Topics include:

  • Balancing/Making Space/Taking Care of Yourself
  • Letting Go of the Journey of Animals/Others/What If's 
  • Setting Limits
  • Staying Connected
  • Grief 
Light refreshments will be served. Get your seat now for only $20 through July 19! 
Late registration after July 20 and tickets available at the door are $25. 


The Independent Cat Society is raffling a Pair of Roundtrip Tickets on Southwest Airlines, a $800 value and the proceeds of this raffle go directly into our Medical/Dental Fund to help us to provide routine, as well as emergency, care for our kitties.

Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20 and can be purchased at the ICS Shelter or by mail. To order by mail please mail your check, made payable to the ICS, to ICS - Airline Ticket Raffle, PO Box 735, Westville, IN  46391. Please be sure to include a note with the number of tickets your wish to purchase, as well as your name, phone number, email and mailing address. We will email you a confirmation of your ticket purchase and we will send you the actual ticket stubs for your reference.

Please help us to help the kitties!





On April Fool's Day this year the Independent Cat Society received a very nice surprise. Nothing like the ones we have received in the past where people drop off or dump several cats at the shelter. This year on Wednesday, April 1st, one of our volunteers looked up to see a large semi backing into the ICS parking lot. When they asked the truck driver what he had for us, he smiled and said 'four pallets of can cat food'. What wonderful news! The ICS was aware it was to be receiving a large shipment of canned food as a prize they won in a recent contest they entered held by Purine Pet Foods wherein they were asked to share videos from their YouTube Channel with our Facebook followers. This contest was to help Purina Pet Foods kick off their new and improved YouTube Channel at Friskies which has many great videos about cats, funny things, and all sorts of cute stuff. From the entrants of the contest they chose five lucky shelters who had participated to win some pet food and the Independent Cat Society was one of the very lucky ones chosen to receive 20,000 cans of Friskies cat food. Purina is  also going to divide another 20,000 cans amongst other participating shelters. However, because the ICS had been told they would receive the shipment on Thursday, April 2nd, so they had lined up a group of volunteers with vehicles and even a small forklift to help unload the cans of food on Thursday and get it properly stored. When the food was delivered a day early some of the volunteers at the ICS shelter had to scramble to try and gather enough people to get this food off the pallets and safely stored away. It was hectic but these dedicated volunteers proved up to the task. As you can see from the attached photos there was a lot of food to be moved and stored and these wonderful volunteers accomplished the task.


This truly was a wonderful April Fool's Day for the cats of the Independent Cat Society. Thanks to Purina Pet Foods our kitties will eat well for some time. Thank you Purina!







The second grade students from Yost Elementary School in Porter recently donated $650 to the Independent Cat Society which they earned by selling Crunchy Snowmen, pretzels covered with chocolate. These wonderful young people and their teachers, top row left to right, Barbara Hunt (student teacher), Amanda Scully, Heather Dunkle, Jade Navarre, along with ICS Board President, Staci Trekles holding ICS Shelter resident - Chan, ICS Volunteer, Roberta Jocius and Principal Anne Stillman are shown with this generous donation. The cat and kittens and all the volunteers of the Independent Cat Society want to sincerely thank and acknowledge this wonderful group of students and their educators for their hard work and kind generosity.